Luvin at the end of 25 years

During my 25 year relationship I had thought that intimacy had been good for large parts of that relationship. I was worried when I knew that our marriage was coming to a close that there wouldn’t be opportunities for excitement in the bed in the future.

I had heard that many post menopausal women aren’t that interest in sex…

Boy was I wrong.

I have found that women who had been in loveless relationships were eager to find that spark that had been missing and are grateful for the opportunity to keep that flame roaring.

I had never imagined that women would be so open minded in intimate situations and they aren’t looking to “get the dirty deed” over with. Now I hear those Viagra ads and hear the warnings about if a erection lasts for more that 4 hours you should call a doctor. I thinks to myself that I wouldn’t want to take the pill and reduce my intimacy time with my partner.

Excitement in bed is alive and well and I don’t see any reason why it would end any time soon.

FORTYfied living is alive and well in bed… the stairs, the living room…

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