Great Idea

I know exactly what you are talking about. It seems most people hit 35 and up and go downhill in many levels. I am a very happy, fit 42 that quite doesn’t fit in with most people I know my age and up.

It feels wonderful to know like minded  men and women.

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  1. Empowered says:

    Unfortunately the power and “FORTYtude” of having the four decades of live experience wasn’t something I really thought of until my recent divorce. There is such an emphasis on being “young” it is easy to think of youself as not being young if you don’t see the image that matches those in advertising.

  2. Sammy02026 says:

    The emphasis should about being happy. There are many women that have had every piece of there person nipped and tucked to stay young looking but are not happy. I would rather kill myself in spin and work up a good sweat with adrenalin lifting my spirits than pay for a lift.

  3. monalisa says:

    There is nothing that compares to the excitement and joy of accomplishment in turning your body is the masterpiece that it is. Staying young comes from maintaining mind AND BODY in top shape if you stop paying enough attention to either one, the realitiy is that you will not feel at your peak. Yes you may have your moments of happiness, but the ENERGY that comes from working out is real. Energy translates in accomplishments, accomplishment translates in happiness when your heart is in the right place. Having said that I had nothing against to women that supplement their regime with any cosmetic enhancement. The key is that cosmetic surgery does not replace hard work.

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